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Some nets maintain the linked state until cleared by a tws (this was) word and id. other nets just go back to scan on their own. an ale call is a to word plus the called station's address (more on address handling later), then a tis (this is) word plus the station's own address. sometimes you'll see a cmd word plus a hexadecimal string.

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Appendix a contains all asn.1 structures defined or referenced within this specification. as above, the material is presented in the 1988 asn.1. appendix b contains notes on less familiar features of the asn.1 notation used within this specification. appendix c contains examples of conforming certificates and a conforming crl.


Should this word or the adjective "recommended" means that there may exist valid reasons in particular circumstances to ignore this item, but the full implications should be understood and the case carefully weighed before choosing a different course.


25 appendix b. gif grammar. a grammar is a form of notation to represent the sequence in which certain objects form larger objects. a grammar is also used to represent the number of objects that can occur at a given position. the grammar given here represents the sequence of blocks that form the gif...

Txt - rfc editor

The alphanumeric codes in appendix x of the un document must not be entered into the registry and must not be used to form language tags. (at the time this document was created, these values matched the iso 3166-1 alpha-2 codes.) 6. there must be at most one region subtag in a language tag and the region subtag may be omitted, as when it adds...

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