Decoding the character names in windswept house - traditio

Mrs. francesca gladstone - elderly woman, still living 22. windswept house - galveston island, texas 23. cyrus benthoek - bill morrell (deceased) 24. j.j. cardinal o'cleary - john cardinal o'connor, new york (deceased) 25. piet cardinal svensen - leo cardinal suenens, belgium 26. local chapel/sspx "danbury" - dickinson, tx, chapel of the sspx 27.

Friday the 13th part 5: a new beginning script - horrorlair

Tricia and mrs. jarvis hug the trapped tommy. the station wagon pulls up to the house next door. while tommy gets a "jarvis hug" a scratching noise begins at the door.

Citizen kane - aellea classic movie scripts

Citizen kane 1941, rko, directed by orson welles, screenplay by orson welles, herman j. mankiewicz orson welles josef cotton dorothy cumminger kane rosebud. narrator news on the march... bernstein yes, miss townsend. miss townsend this is an announcement, mr. and mrs. thomas monroe norton announce the engagement of their daughter, emily...

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