Common fallacies in reasoning - the public ...

common fallacies in reasoning 1. faulty cause: (post hoc ergo propter hoc) mistakes correlation or association for causation, by assuming that because one thing follows another it was caused by the other. example: a black cat crossed babbs' path yesterday and, sure enough, she was involved

Nypd red - james patterson

Fore the zoo opens is the best part of larson's day. tommy rector, the young head of the big-cat department, likes the smaller,sprier,moreaffect ionatecats,thejaguarsandl ynx...

Critical thinking/clinical reasoning module

scenario # 5 (nicu) baby z. is 3 weeks old infant in nicu. he was at 27 weeks gestation when delivered. he has been progressing well after a short period of cpap and remains in 24% 0

Critical thinking/clinical reasoning module

title: critical thinking/clinical reasoning module learning objectives: upon completion of this education module, the newly licensed registered nurse will:

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