Datalines; 01jan1960 15jan1960 02mar1961 18feb1962 25dec2000 03jan2001 01feb2002 31mar2002; proc print data=dates noobs; title "listing of data set dates"; run; program 4. demonstrating the functions year, qtr, month, week, day, and weekday ***primary functions: year, qtr, month, week, day, and weekday; data date_functions; set...

Rfc 3339 - internet engineering task force

For example, including the day of the week in a date/time format introduces the possibility that the day of week is incorrect but the date is correct, or vice versa. since it is not difficult to compute the day of week from a date (see appendix b), the day of week should not be included in a date/time format. 5.5.

Oklahoma city - weekly report - wednesday

Ko_ls753 oklahoma city, ok thu jan 31, 2019 usda-ok dept of ag market news woodward feeder cattle weighted average report for 01/31/2019 receipts: 4524 last week: 3279 year ago: 7040 compared to last week: feeder steers 600-700 lbs. 2.00-5.00 higher, heavier weights 1.50-3.00 lower.

Txt - rfc editor

O extend the review period by granting an additional two-week increment to permit further discussion. after each two-week increment, the language subtag reviewer must indicate on the list whether the registration has been accepted, rejected, or extended.


A week later i got a phone call after school. it was a woman named terri asking if we were the ones who had sent in the ad. i told her that we were. she asked if she and her husband paul could drop by about seven o'clock that evening, just get aquatinted, she said. i told her that i thought it would be fine.


Sounded like fun. "how many?" "just 10. including tom holmes." "i'll do it. after all boys could stand to learn more about foreplay and arousal." "there will be a brief refresher on those topics before the main subject of course." "brief refresher?" "of course. miss wilson covered those subjects with the boys last week.

Rfc 5280 - internet engineering task force

For example, if a cooper, et al. standards track [page 13] rfc 5280 pkix certificate and crl profile may 2008 revocation is reported now, that revocation will not be reliably notified to certificate-using systems until all currently issued crls are scheduled to be updated - this may be up to one hour, one day, or one week depending on the...


A week had gone by, and raina was supposed to arrive the next day, in the afternoon. i made a mental note to get dressed shortly after my shower, so as not to surprise raina in her own home! truthfully, i was a little uneasy about being alone with raina. however, she was a very responsible girl and could handle things on her own for the most part.

Dx listening digest 14-49

Last week when i looked it up in aoki for dxld 14-47, i found this entry: 6110 radio andernach(drm) 0200-0400 1234567 german(digital) 100 122 nauen d 5238n 01254e drm b14 however, today nov 28 aoki has changed to: 6120 radio andernach(drm) 0200-0400 1234567 german(digital) 100 122 nauen d 5238n 01254e drm b14 nov. 17 and on 9 november...

Citizen kane - aellea

Citizen kane 1941, rko, directed by orson welles, screenplay by orson welles, herman j. mankiewicz orson welles josef cotton dorothy cumminger kane rosebud. narrator news on the march... grave. since the pyramids, xanadu is the costliest monument a man has built to himself. caption reads in xanadu last week was held 1941's biggest strangest...

Mid valley sports - part 2

(glendora) - azusa pacific outscored fresno pacific 21-4 over the last 7:39 of the first half to take a 46-25 lead into halftime and eventually rolled to a 96-63 rout thursday night at felix event center... the search for a head football coach at warren heated up this week...

Friday the 13th part 4 - horrorlair

The, uh, man responsible for the murders in wessex county this past week, is at the moment in the wessex county medical center morgue... n.morgan: yayyy!!!! tv announcer:...thank you officer davidson. let's welcome... axel pats the body of jason voorhees lying on a metal slab behind the bench him and nurse morgan are sitting on.


This request should be submitted not later than 1 week after the scheduled substitute examination deadline. if approved, the candidate and the command must take appropriate action to ensure the candidate receives a profile sheet reflecting selection board eligible prior to the board convening date... (4) if candidates are validated in the...

Uptown charlotte restaurants | stoke charlotte

Served all week after 5pm. boards orrman's cheese 1 for $6, 3 for $16. rotating list from our friends rachel & jose. country ham 1 for $7, 3 for $18

Dx listening digest 16-20 may 18, 2016

Last week i talked about socioeconomic levels (nses) and mentioned that almost anything in english will immediately command a high billing, whether that be music or talk (like, say, the old radio vip), because english knowledge is stronger in a/b/c+. universal is exactly the sort of station i was talking about, and we can see that in the...

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